Marlborough Teak Bench

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Marlborough Garden Bench

A great example of how hardwood can be used to create such a substantial yet elegant piece of craftsmanship. Originally commissioned by Lord Marlborough in the early 20th century this graceful bench was created by Sir Edward Lutyens hence why you will see these benches go by the two different names.
Many are on the market like this but look out for bad craftsmanship.
We have spent years perfecting our benches and the craftsmanship that goes into them. In the last 3 years we have got to the point that we feel there is no more room for improvement. 
Magnificent from top to bottom the bench offers a charming and delightful feature for any garden and bound to be a talking point among friends when out on a nice summers day.
Main Features
• Seats 3 Adults Easily.
• Assembled Option Available.
• Beautifully Styled and Detailed Design.
• A Classic And Elegant Lutyens Style
• Strong, Durable And Long Lasting.
• Highest Grade 'A' Teak Hardwood.
• Ideal as a Gift or Memorial Bench
Garden Bench Dimensions
  • Width: 165cms
  • Depth: 60cms
  • Height: 105cms
  • Leg thickness: 6cms
  • Seat slats: 5cms
  • Back slats: 3cms
  • Slats on rolled arm: 3cms
  • Seat depth: 52cms
  • Height from floor: 102cms
  • Seat height from floor: 45cms
  • Height to arm rest: 72cms
  • Back: 67cms

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